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Prayers are Important and Powerful!
Prayer can do what government cannot, what education cannot, what military might cannot, and what planning committees cannot. All are important, but powerless in comparison to prayer.
Prayer can move mountains. Prayer can change human hearts, families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations. It is the ultimate source of power, because it is the power of Almighty God. And prayer is available to even the humblest Christian.

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Please pray for God's love to cover Kim to help her recover completely and finally from drug dependence.

Please pray for Pam Hundal who is now in hospice care

Pray for Eddie Daniels (friend of Ron & Tina Muska) who suffered serious back injuries in a collision with a deer. Praise God surgery was successful surgery and pray for a positive recovery

Pray for Ron Fisher’s mother, Ruby, who is in a rehab facility after a fall in which she broke both arms

Pray for Isaac, the great-grandson of Ed & Gerri Deidrick, who broke his leg, is back at school on crutches

Pray for Braylon, a child with a brain infection. Praise God he is out of ICU, and pray for continued recovery

Pray for Betty Heck who fell and broke bones.

Pray for Kuno Josupeit who is recovering after a mild heart attack and a blood infection, and recovering from COVID. He is at Amherst Manor for rehab therapy

Please pray for Wade Hubbard who is at Amherst Manor for rehabilitation therapy

Pray for Bob Wiersum who is in the hospital in Florida with pulmonary embolism and circulation problems

Pray for Therese Strader who is going through a series of heart and lung procedures to help her breathe and have her normal energy.

Pray for Ron Klein that he can be healed and his strength returned

Pray for God to give a Grandson victory in his battle with a drug problem

Please pray for Shirley Brumfield who is having difficulty breathing. Pray that the doctors can find a cure to help her

Pray that our nation turns to Christ so that we love one another as He has first loved us

Please pray for Steven, (Geri Deidrick’s son) whose cancer has returned after 4 years in remission; Heather, a young mother of 3, who has cancer; Laura Stanley, (Ron Muska’s sister) who was just diagnosed with lung cancer; Nelson Paquette (cousin of Laurie Beran) who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; Sarah Perkins who has lung cancer; Brian Holmes who is in a trial treatment for his leukemia – pray that it works and he goes into remission, and pray that he can go back to work; Summer (Katie Steindl’s godmother) in her long battle with cancer; Sherry (Kevin Starbuck’s mother-in-law); Chris (sister-in-law of Virginia Warnock); and pray for Pat Kidder.

Pray for those who have on-going chronic illnesses or shut-in: Danny Koch, Charles Waryu, Don Lamoreaux and Don Gramer, Ruth Murdy, Wade Hubbard, Jack & Marilyn Green, Dorothy Barckert, Phyllis Darakis, Will & Lydia Rice, and Andy Lasko