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Prayers are Important and Powerful!
Prayer can do what government cannot, what education cannot, what military might cannot, and what planning committees cannot. All are important, but powerless in comparison to prayer.
Prayer can move mountains. Prayer can change human hearts, families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations. It is the ultimate source of power, because it is the power of Almighty God. And prayer is available to even the humblest Christian.

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Pray for Randy who has bladder and prostate cancer and is starting chemotherapy.

Pray for 12yr old Aubrey who has a tumor in her eye and is going through chemotherapy where she has lost her hair.

Pray for Keri who has pancreatic cancer and is experiencing complications from chemotherapy.

Pray for Mike McHugh as his leukemia has returned.

Pray for Tim Ross, Sheryl Gregg's brother in hospice care.

Please pray for Gerri Deidrick who is in the middle of chemotherapy to follow-up on a surgery which removed colon cancer; Lori Gingrich, sister of Lynn Jiovanazzo and Terri Gerber, as she goes through chemotherapy; Brian Harcula as he has cancer; Paxton Roby with cancer; Pat who has a brain tumor; Heather, a young mother of 3, who has cancer; Devin (mother of preschool student) who has cancer, Sherry (Kevin Starbuck’s mother-in-law); Chris (sister-in-law of Virginia Warnock)

Pray for Tim Ross, Sheryl Gregg's brother in hospice care.

Pray for Elija to receive a kidney transplant

Pray for healing in Edna Klenz lungs.

Pray for those who have on-going chronic illnesses or shut-in: Charles Waryu, Don Lamoreaux and Don Gramer, Ruth Murdy, Jack & Marilyn Green, Dorothy Barckert, Dale Mack, Phyllis Darakis, Will & Lydia Rice, John Harden, Andy Lasko.