Revelation – 4


Revelation – 4

May 22, 2022

    Prayer Before Worship:

    O mighty Rock, O Source of life,

    Let Your good Word in doubt and strife

    Be in us strongly burning

    That we be faithful unto death

    And live in love and holy faith,

    From You true wisdom learning.

    Lord, Your mercy on us shower;

    By Your power Christ confessing,

    We will cherish all Your blessing.  Amen.

    Lutheran Service Book # 913, vs.3

    In Today’s Worship:  “A little of this & a little of that” is how most Americans today pick and chose what to believe.  Never before have we had so many choices available to us to have everything our own personal way.  But not all ideas are created equal and not all spiritual beliefs are of the Holy Spirit.  When we leave behind God’s Word in the Bible as the only solid foundation of faith, we also lose Jesus.  And when we lose Jesus and an appreciation of His grace, we don’t care if we serve Him or believe in Him.  Compromise and Complacency will kill your spiritual life!  Today we ask:  Where are you tempted to Compromise in your faith?  Where are you growing Complacent?  Will you hold ONLY and FIRMLY to Jesus, and find life?

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