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Ministry Plan for Growth

The New Proposed Ministry Plan for Growth is available here and printed copies are in the narthex (church lobby) for picking up. This is the result of listening to you, the congregation, at the Congregation Creative Event on March 26th, and a lot of prayer, discussion, analysis, and thought.

This Ministry Plan moves St. Paul forward in some BIG ways. First, it points the direction the congregation will pursue as God calls us forward. The “Guiding Statement,” “Mission Pillars,” and “Targets” will not change as time goes on. They describe the over-arching direction St. Paul will go over many years in the future. This is good news because it means we will not have to start a plan for the future all over from scratch again.

The second BIG way this Ministry Plan moves St. Paul forward is through the goals. The goals describe what is to be done to move us toward the Targets. The goals part of the plan is supposed to change in time. The Ministry Plan includes eight very specific goals for the congregation to accomplish starting immediately. As each goal is accomplished, another goal takes its place until that new goal is completed. Don’t worry about us running out of goals. Lots of great ideas for ministry were shared by our people. We cannot do them all at once, so that leaves lots of goals to be pursued in the future.

A third BIG way the proposed Ministry Plan moves St. Paul forward is that the plan is designed to create ongoing Teams that will carry on ministry for Christ over time. If you are a long-time member of St. Paul, you will remember the many ministry boards that planned and lead events. Since they were dissolved we have had difficulty doing the work of ministry because each event started from scratch gathering a group of people to lead and carry out the plans. The new Ministry Plan solves that problem.

Please Prayerfully Consider this plan prior to the Voters’ Assembly Meeting on Sunday, June 12th. There will be questions and explanations to give you a better picture how this will all work. Please pray for your church, Pray for this time, and Pray for this Plan.

                         The Book of Revelation

Will the world end soon? There’s a lot of hype and confusion about THE END, and the Bible book of Revelation can be intimidating with all of the imagery and symbolism. In this new series, The Book of Revelation, you will journey through an overview of this book to help you understand its meaningNebula, and celebrate it’s message of hope for YOU!  Don’t miss it, and invite a friend. Sundays starting May 1st@ St. Paul.

WHY a sermon series on Revelation?

There are some great reasons why we are doing a Sunday morning teaching series on the Book of Revelation.

First, with all the hype and talk about the end of the world and prophecies of the End, how will you intelligently answer what you believe? So, let’s go thru Revelation so you are sharp on what the Bible really says about the End, AND you can share the surprising and wonderful truth God has about His love and victory for you!

Second GREAT reason why we’re studying Revelation is simple: It’s in the Bible! Yup, it’s just that simple. The Bible is God’s Word. We should know all of His Word to us. We usually don’t read Revelation because it’s so challenging. But Revelation is in the Bible, so we should get to know it.

Just think, one day, in heaven, you will probably meet John, who wrote Revelation, face-to-face. If he should ask you, “Hey, how did you like my book of Revelation?” it would not be good thing to answer, “It was just too weird, so I didn’t read it.”

Third GREAT reason for you to join us to go thru Revelation is that it is so challenging and confusing. Revelation uses images and numbers that are hard to understand. And as we unpack those to discover what God’s saying, you will grow. You will grow in faith. You will grow in hope. You will grow in gratitude for what Jesus has done for you. You will grow in appreciation that Jesus is in charge of all, including all your future. You will grow in trusting Him more. You will grow in celebrating the victory Jesus won and gives to you.

You will also grow in learning how to understand and interpret challenging parts of the Bible. There are principles and a science to interpreting this kind of literature and learning how to do it will help you be more mature in feeding your own faith.

Fourth GREAT reason why we’re doing Revelation is … the after-Easter-through-summer church slump is largely a myth! People travel and are away on weekends all through the year. Sure, in the Spring things get busy with grad parties, and summer maybe a few more people are gone each Sunday than the rest of the year, but not most people! So, just come, grow with us as we go thru Revelation, then get out in the nice weather after worship on Sundays. It starts the week of right, and you’ll be glad you did!

easter party

Resources for Parents and Grandparents

With the help of Focus on the Family and Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas, Dr. Randy Schroeder shares 10 short videos that can build and enhance your confidence in nurturing a child. These videos provide comprehensive wisdom for making a positive difference in the life of a child as well as enhancing every Christian family. You can find more short videos on marriage and parenting on Dr. Schroeder's YouTube channel.

Going to a Movie?

Before you go, check out the movie review from Plugged-In. Plugged-In is a free service from Focus on the Family, a Christian ministry dedicated to building up the family. Reviews for the new “Top Gun” and “Downton Abbey” movies are there, along with many more. There are reviews of TV shows and computer games.   Check it out at

There is no better time than the present to

Spread the Gospel!


Three new short courses (20 minutes each) will equip you to engage in spiritual conversations with your friends and neighbors. These highly interactive courses, based on the Spiritual Conversation Curve, utilize realistic scenarios to help you imagine yourself in real-world conversations with those you want to reach with the Gospel.

You can access the courses, including a short introductory video for each, here:

Worship Resources for Parents

Here is an excellent resource for parents to use with their children:

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to download the Parent Cue app that can also be found on this link. This resource will provide parents and grandparents with support and encouragement for faith development. As parents, we have 936 weeks from the time our child is born until they turn 18! There is so much to teach them as they grow, but nothing more important than knowing about Jesus! This app is a weekly encouragement to parent and grandparents of children birth – 18! Check it out and share it with parents you know!

Family Devotions

Here are links to some devotional ideas that you can try out in your home:
  • New Resources for Families with Children – St. Paul is offering families some very practical, easy-to-use resources to help share faith in Christ at home.  Happy Times is geared for preschool children.  My Devotions is designed for families with elementary school aged children.  Both have age-appropriate stories, games, puzzles, and activities.  Both help  families center their homes around God’s love and morals.  Families simply need to learn to  include these resources in their daily routine, like during breakfast before school, during a supper time together when distractions are turned off for a few minutes, or at bedtime.

    Happy Times and My Devotions are free.  December thru January editions are available on the resource wall in the lower narthex/lobby. 

  • God Talk at Home - These materials from Kids Count Publishing include a short activity, Bible reading and discussion questions, as well as an activity to try sometime throughout the week.
  • ThreeThirty Devotions - Plenty of ideas and devotions from ThreeThirty Ministries!
Worship Anew is a great source of comfort for so many who are unable to attend church. Worship Anew celebrates the new life all people have in Jesus with a 30-minute broadcast service. God's love is shared through weekly Scripture readings, favorite church hymns, prayers, and a pastor's message that reveals God's grace and truth. Worship Anew programs are available to watch online at the Worship Anew homepage.


Hear sermons preached during Daily Chapel at the LCMS International Center. The chapel schedule may be found at


BibleGateway - A great resource for reading the Bible and learning from each passage.

Called. Equipped. Sent.

Lutheran Hour Ministries offers resources to help you reach out with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in your everyday lives. These online courses and webinars will cover five faith-strengthening categories and use an array of multimedia elements to help you gain a hearing for the Gospel message.

Video-Based Bible Studies & Resources

LHM also offers free downloadable online Bible study videos written by pastors and other professionals. Each study has a discussion guide expanding the video footage with supporting Scripture, commentary, questions, and other features to maximize the topic.

For almost 140 years, The Lutheran Witness (LW) has served the church and proclaimed the Gospel by publishing theological essays and reflections that interpret “the contemporary world from a Lutheran perspective.”

Connect now for relevant and current church topics and views.

Memory Verse Project:  The church confesses to Christ, “You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). The church is encouraged to “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly ...” (Col. 3:16). Psalm 1 teaches us to meditate on God's Word day and night. It is our great opportunity and joy to read and study God's Word. One beneficial practice is to memorize the Scriptures and, in so doing, to meditate on it. The LCMS invites everyone to join together memorizing a verse together each week.